Welcome Advisors!
Archivista's services are designed for advisors in Financial, Legal and Family Offices focused on helping families enrich their legacy and Digital Estate. You facilitate to enrich, we secure and promote for generations to come. Archivista helps change the way you connect with your clients by introducing a new and innovative way to preserve their family Digital Estate. If you are seeking a way to reduce or eliminate “one and done” engagements with your clients, Archivista products and services are the antidote.  Built on a foundation of modules that apply for all Digital Estate elements, we can customize the means which facilitate ongoing client engagement.  

We understand the importance of family legacy and Digital Estates for your clients. That's why we have developed Eternal Vaults, an immutable and encrypted data capsule that preserves everything and anything that matters to your clients. By offering Archivista's Eternal Vaults as a solution to your clients, you can deepen your relationship and offer a personalized service that will help them achieve their Digital Estate goals. Our guided program will assist you in finding the best path to create the most important records for your clients, while also offering them the security and control they need.  

Our Eternal Galleries offers a personalized way to store and display Digital Estates, making it easy for your clients to share and connect with their families. With Archivista's Eternal Galleries, your clients can have peace of mind that their Digital Estate will be preserved for generations to come with cross-generation appeal, assuring history is not forgotten.

Archivista technologies and guided programs will help expand the range of services you offer your clients. You can now have ongoing engagement with your clients thereby maintaining closer contact and conducting more business together.  

Join us in preserving the stories, legacies and Digital Estates of families everywhere. Let Archivista help you connect with your clients on a deeper and more personal level.
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